Library Learning Commons (LLC) Lab Access Terms & Conditions of Use.

To ensure fair access and use of LLC Lab Access, please read, understand, and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS outlined below:
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Loan Agreement

Laptop, iPad, Game Console and AV Equipment

This agreement specifies the terms for the loan of a laptop, iPad, Game Console or AV equipment (referred to as "Equipment") from the George Brown College ("GBC") Library Learning Commons ("LLC"). The Equipment Loan program is only available to students who are currently registered at George Brown College and who are in good standing. The College reserves the right to revoke the loan privileges of students found to be in violation of this agreement.

By accepting the following terms and conditions I agree to:
  • Use the Equipment for the specified loan period and return it on time. For laptop and AV equipment the loan is 8 hours and is for on-campus use only. For the loan of iPads, gaming consoles and related accessories, the loan period is specified on the item, [e.g. 7 day Loan, 3 Day Loan, etc.]
  • Safeguard the Equipment when it is in my possession and ensure that it is not left unattended in public spaces.
  • Provide current contact information to library staff, including e-mail address and phone number.
  • Take responsibility for checking my GBC e-mail account for library notifications. [Overdue notices will only be sent to your GBC e-mail account]
  • Return the equipment to the same campus location where originally borrowed. [Do not return items to the Return Drop Box]
  • Return the Equipment in person to the Help/Circulation desk, on or before the due date and time indicated on the receipt provided, and no later than 30 minutes prior to the LLC closing.
  • Pay all applicable fees and fines related to this loan. A schedule of all fees and fines is posted on the LLC Website.
  • Take full responsibility for costs incurred for fines or the repair/replacement of equipment, accessories and/or the software loaded on the equipment while checked out in my name, up to a maximum of S2,000. A full list of costs can be found on the LLC Website.
  • Inform the LLC Service Desk staff as soon as I become aware of any problems or damage to the Equipment.
  • Obtain network and pre-loaded software support from the LLC Service Desk on applicable devices.
  • Comply with all relevant GBC policies, including the IT Acceptable Use, Copyright and the Library Learning Commons policies. [These can be viewed at Policies & Guidelines]
  • Pay from my own funds for any apps or media that I download from external services (e.g. iTunes). The LLC is not liable for any of the costs related to these downloads.
  • That if I default on the payment of any repair/replacement costs, or fines, my transcripts will be withheld until the outstanding debt is paid and that such outstanding debts will be referred to a collection agency
  • Absolve the LLC from any loss or damage to files or software that may occur for any reason and from any adverse situation resulting from use of LLC equipment or cyber activity

Important Note:

All documents should be saved to a personal USB device or sent to an email account. All files will be erased automatically when the Equipment is returned; any apps or media purchased, and data or documents saved to the equipment by the borrower during the loan period will be permanently erased during the restore process.