George Brown Student ID Card Application Form

Protection of Privacy

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002.It is used for the administrative and statistical purposes of George Brown College and its Photo-ID Card program. Your account and personal information will be kept strictly confidential between the Educational Resource Department ID Card Office and George Brown College and its internal business units who require photo-id as a pre-requisite to providing service.

Your Student ID Card photograph may be used to create photo-class lists and to provide identification to access college facilities including gymnasiums, libraries, residences, etc., and to participate in college activities where college photo-ID is required.This may include attendance and participation in class and labs and the writing of exams. If you are registered in a collaborative program with another educational institution, your photo-id information and picture may be shared with the partner institution for the purpose of producing and administering a photo-ID intended to provide you with access to the facilities and resources of the partner institution.

Disclosure of your Student ID Card photograph and information is otherwise limited to the permitted instances outlined in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) Section 42 which includes, but is not limited to, disclosure to law enforcement and in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual. The retention period of the student photo-id record is to be determined. If you have questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information, please contact us by e-mail at

For information on Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, please contact the Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator for the college at